Camperdown Chronicle
Convoy gathers momentum for BlazeAid

AFTER seeing the good work of BlazeAid around the Camperdown district after the St Patrick’s Day fires, Leigh Harry is keen to do his bit for the bushfire affected people of Corryong and is inviting others to jump on board.

Mr Harry is planning to head to the BlazeAid Corryong camp in the last week of February to volunteer his services to help rebuild fences.

“I just thought there might be other people around the district who have a bit of time free that might want to come along as well,” he said.

“It would be great to get a convoy together and make a decent impact.”

A Chocolyn resident, Mr Harry said while everyone felt for the current bushfire victims, not everyone was in a position to donate money to the cause.  

“There’s so much devastation across so many areas; there’s huge amounts of rebuild and recovery for those people to get through,” he said.

“Being part of BlazeAid’s a great way that we can directly help those people on the ground doing it so tough.

“Being a farming district, a lot of people around here would have the skills and expertise that they’re crying out for to help with fencing and other on-farm activities.”

Volunteers must have their own caravan, camper or tents and stay free of charge at the BlazeAid base camp where they are also provided with meals.

The camp co-ordinator then directs the volunteers to various farms to carry out clean-up and fencing works throughout their stay.

Mr Harry said he loosely planned to head to the Corryong base camp in the last week of February, but would reassess the timing depending on whether other people volunteered to join him and what time frames suited them.

“Whether people only go for a few days or go for longer, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity for locals, whether they were affected by the St Patrick’s Day fires or not to put a bit back and help others out.

“I think there would be something really special about going as a group to do something so worthwhile.

“And if people can’t go but still want to do something to help, they can head into Country Road Farm Supplies in Camperdown and buy a fence post or a roll of wire and we’ll take it up with us.”

Interested people are asked to contact Mr Harry on 0429 302 056.