Camperdown Chronicle
Pair tell tales as part of a group visit to rail trail

A TRIP to learn more about the Camperdown-Timboon Rail Trail proved a valuable lesson for members of David Newman Centre’s (DNC) men’s social group last Thursday.

The group ventured to the Glenfyne Hall to discover more about the history of the rail trail from Pat and Ric Robertson, but ended up receiving a firsthand account of the trail’s past from two group members.

Lenny Fahey and George Arnott spent many years working on the line, Lenny as the driver and George as his fireman, on the steam trains that ran from Camperdown to Timboon.

DNC co-ordinator Maureen Crameri said the pair captivated the group with tales and memories of their time working together.

She said they spoke about the history of the rail trail and the line as they knew it.

“The rest of the group was really entertained and interested by it. The other members would also chip in with their own input because they knew some of the identities they were talking about,” Mrs Crameri said.

“And Pat and Ric were also really keen to hear their stories so it would expand their knowledge of the rail trail.”

The visit was then followed by lunch at Lake Edge Cafe.

The men’s social group aims to give retired men over the age of 65 the chance to develop a strong social network and remain connected to their community by visiting local places
of interest.

They hold outings every first and third Thursday of the month between February and December, visiting places including the Geelong Football Club, Koroit’s Bega Factory and Model Aeroplane Club, Timboon Cheese Factory, Warrnambool’s Community Gardens and Matthew Craven’s Ecklin trotting complex.

Mrs Crameri said the group was quickly growing in popularity.

“It’s growing by word of mouth because the fellas’ enjoy it and then they tell their mates about it which is the best thing about the group,” she said.

“It’s a really valuable group to have because there doesn’t seem to be another group in the area meeting that need for retired men.

“They just look forward to each month and they all look forward to getting together and seeing each other again.

“And if they come across something they think the rest of the group would like to do, they let us know, so it’s member driven really.”

For more information on the men’s social group, contact David Newman Centre on 5593 7364.