Camperdown Chronicle
Slow start costly for netballers

CAMPERDOWN received quite the “shock” in its open grade netball loss to Warrnambool last weekend.

The Blues stunned the Magpies early, racing out to a five goal lead, a margin they kept from start to finish as they went on to win 48-41.

Coach Brooke Richardson said the loss was disappointing for her side, adding the Blues’ pressure proved to be the catalyst behind her side’s below par performance.

“I think all of us, the whole team, were disappointed knowing we all could have played better,” she said.

“It was really a shock at Warrnambool’s pressure.

“We didn’t react quickly to that and we let them get on top of us.

“Full credit to them, they’re a very good side and they played very well but we didn’t cope well with that pressure.”

Richardson said Warrnambool’s pressure was sustained for the majority of the game, which allowed them to build a healthy lead that blew out to double figures at different stages.

“It was definitely right from the start and that’s where we were like ‘golly’, we weren’t expecting it,” she said.

“As the game went on we were able to work around it but we need to be able to react quicker and calmer when we are under pressure.

“That’s something we’ll have to work on and there’s a few other things we can take out of it which is also good.”

Amanda Gilbert was named best on court in the loss, with her and Jess Cameron swapping positions with great effect.

“Amanda did really well, it her first week in goals and she was able to lead the attacking end for us,” Richardson said.

“The flip side to that is Jess went from attack to defence and she did well and was good for us.

“But I think with the game this week there wasn’t too many standouts compared to other weeks.”

The Magpies are now preparing for their home clash with North Warrnambool and while keen to bounce back quickly, Richardson wants to see improvement on last week’s performance.

“We’ll go back to our basics and continue to play to what we know,” she said.

“But we must bring intensity, Warrnambool’s intensity was high (last weekend) and we didn’t have that so we need to step up with that this week.”

In the lower grades, Warrnambool had the upper hand in five of the six contests.

They won division one 45-33, division two 38-20, division three 36-28, 17 and under 47-23 and 13 and under 33-21.

The 15 and under side was the only shining light for the Magpies, winning their contest 38-18.