Rockabilly mayhem

After making the transition from ‘punk’ to ‘rockabilly’, Miss Myra Mayhem (aka Sophie Nicol) is thrilled to represent Camperdown in this weekend’s Rock the Clock Miss Pin-Up competition.

CAMPERDOWN’S tradition of fielding a candidate in the Miss Rock the Clock pin-up competition continues this year with the town’s own Miss Myra Mayhem hitting the catwalk.

Having first travelled to Camperdown’s rockabilly festival as a youngster 11 years ago, Miss Mayhem (aka Sophie Nicol) was instantly hooked on the 50s fashion scene and rockabilly music.

“I was into punk before then, but rockabilly fashion is a lot brighter and much more accepted, so I made the switch,” she said.

“I love dressing up and having fun with fashion.

“I’m very, very nervous about competing in the pin-up competition but it’s exciting at the same time – it will really push me out of my comfort zone.”

Miss Mayhem grew up in Warrnambool and moved to Camperdown two years ago.

“I absolutely love it here and have been wanting to get more involved in the community, so this is a great opportunity to do that,” she said.

“The Rock the Clock festival is so much fun and brings so many people into the town, we should all be supporting it.”

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