Fallen pole shocks driver

A phone pole brought a Little Street resident to a sudden stop on Friday when it fell on her car in strong winds. Sergeant Danny Brown investigates the scene.

A CAMPERDOWN woman was left “a bit in shock” on Friday after a telecommunications pole fell on her car.

The Little Street resident had just left her home to head to work at about 9am, when the pole fell on her car just metres from her home.

“It was like it was happening in slow motion,” she said.

“I saw the pole start to sway and then all of a sudden it was on my bonnet.”

The woman veered onto the street’s nature strip where the vehicle came to rest.

Sergeant Danny Brown of Terang Police attended the scene and said the pole showed signs of rot.

“This appears to have occurred due to the strong winds and the condition of the pole,” he said.

“The woman was very unlucky to be passing as it fell.”

Sgt Brown said phone and internet services were disrupted due to the incident.

The fallen pole tore down phone lines leading to at least four houses.

Police remained at the scene for safety reasons until Telstra contract staff attended.

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