“Tumultuous” year for Sunnyside

Sunnyside Ladies Auxiliary treasurer Jeanette Duncanson and president Jan Edwards proudly present Sunnyside House Board of Management president Jill Anderson and treasurer Phil Downie with a cheque for $78,000, bringing the auxiliary’s overall fundraising total to a staggering $1.6 million. The Sunnyside House Board of Management Annual General Meeting saw the 2016/17 year described as “tumultuous”.

IN what has been described as a “tumultuous year”, Sunnyside House has posted a $127,400 surplus for the 2016/17 year, well down on the previous year’s surplus of $378,500.

According to finance documents released at the aged care facility’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Thursday, notable increases in expenditure included an extra $311,000 in wages, $24,422 in superannuation, $22,314 in staff training and maintenance and $15,700 for permits, licences and inspections, along with a new payment of $30,700 listed as a Sunnyside Shared (payroll) Cost.

On the flip side expenditure savings when compared to last year included $26,000 in WorkCover costs, $51,208 in annual and long service leave, $4700 for vehicle and travel costs and $6700 in repairs and maintenance.

Treasurer Phil Downie said Sunnyside House revenue had increased about 11 per cent, or $131,771, over the 2016/17 year, while expenditure had increased by $382,872 for the year to $3,151,424.

He said there had been a number of resignations of staff who had worked at Sunnyside House for a long time.

“We are still in the positive which is the main thing,” Mr Downie said.

“We will always struggle as a small facility. Interest rates aren’t likely to go up for two years and the Government is cutting back on grants wherever it can.”

The annual report also revealed four board of management resignations (Beth Marburg, Merrian Dennis, Sara Manifold and Ian Morris) during the year, as well as former chief executive officer Rob Hemley’s resignation.

Additional resignations listed for October of this year included the facility’s recently appointed replacement chief executive officer Deb Rantall and its director of care services Philip Irvine, both of whom were appointed in a shared arrangement with Mortlake’s Abbeyfield House.

Despite Ms Rantall and Mr Irvine’s recent resignations, which signalled the collapse of the shared arrangement with Abbeyfield House, president Jill Anderson’s report in the tabled Annual Report stated the “partnership has worked extremely well”.

The AGM also saw Mrs Anderson discount the concluding comments in her report which read;

“We are entering into exciting times with the possibility of a Joint Venture with Abbeyfield House in Mortlake to try and secure both our futures.

“I know that with Deb Rantall at the helm and the able assistance of the board at both Sunnyside House Inc and also Abbeyfield, we will attain our goals.”

Instead, Mrs Anderson advised those at the AGM that “Deb is no longer our chief executive officer and Phil has also left our employment”.

“We have now started the process of finding a new chief executive officer,” she said.

“We are actively advertising for a CEO and should have confirmation in the next few weeks.”

Mrs Anderson also paid tribute to Sunnyside staff which she said had “worked above and beyond”.

“I can’t thank the staff enough,” she said.

Tribute was then paid to the Sunnyside Ladies Auxiliary which presented a donation of $78,000 for 2016/17, bringing its total contribution over the years to $1.66 million.

Mrs Anderson said a special general meeting would be held at a later date to review the facility’s constitution.

Currently the Sunnyside House Board of Management is made up of four office bearing members and up to five ordinary members.

Mrs Anderson was re-elected as president, with Liz Price as vice president, Phil Downie as treasurer and Pam Anderson as secretary.

Marie Thornton was reinstated as an ordinary member and Colin Hayman was nominated and accepted as the board’s second ordinary member.

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