Roo boys pitch in

Mopping up: North Melbourne Football Club senior players hard at work clearing debris in Skipton.

SKIPTON’S flood clean-up efforts kicked a much needed goal this week thanks to a visit from the North Melbourne Football Club.
About 30 members of the senior team’s playing list travelled to the tiny town to pitch in and help get it back on its feet.
Skipton was hit with two flood peaks last month, resulting in waist deep water flowing through the town’s main street.
Local shops and several homes were inundated.
At the Skipton Football Club, the players met local supporters and were welcomed by Corangamite Shire Mayor Matt Makin.
“Having North Melbourne here today provides a psychological boost for the town as well as a clean-up of the rubbish. Here you’ve got a group of young guys who were relatively not affected by this but they’re prepared to chip in and make a difference,” Mayor Makin said.
North Melbourne defender Daniel Pratt described the day as ‘truly rewarding’ and said all the players appreciated the opportunity to lend a hand.
“It’s been really great to help out the people of Skipton today. The boys are all chipping in and everyone’s doing a good job. The clean-up is much easier and happens much quicker when you’ve got 20-30 guys working on it.”
Corangamite Shire environment officer Lyall Bond said the visit was a huge step forward for the town.
“The players really worked hard to clear away debris left after the flood subsided,” he said.
“In total, three to four truck loads of material were carted away and that’s fantastic, it’s a huge help to our recovery efforts.
“The players were amazed at the debris left lying around and spent a lot of time recovering destroyed fencing and clearing grass and debris away.
“Among the items cleared away were a chest of draws tangled in a fence, old car tyres and a few packing pellets.
Mr Bond said the North Melbourne Football Club had a strong affiliation with Ballarat, which prompted them to give nearby Skipton a hand.

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