Camperdown Chronicle
Season on the line for Golf’s Midweek bowlers

CAMPERDOWN Golf’s division three Corangamite Bowls Division Midweek pennant campaign will embark on another finals campaign today.

The side, which takes on Colac City (3) at Colac Bowling Club in the elimination final, is preparing to play their fourth consecutive finals series.  

Skipper Marg Stephens said her side was “pleased to be there but also lucky to be there” after they endured an indifferent campaign this year.

They managed to hold onto fourth spot following a narrow win over Colac (4) last Tuesday, finishing the year with a 6-6 record after earlier winning five of their first six matches. 

“It’s been a very stop and start season, we had three weeks before Christmas where we didn’t play which made it hard and we had entirely different weather before Christmas and then again after Christmas,” she said.

“It’s been a very different year as far as the weather and everything and on the green we’ve been blowing hot and cold.

“We played well last week so we need to come in and play really week again this week. We really need to play good bowls to win.”

Stephens conceded favouritism will head the way of City after they defeated Golf by 16 shots in their most recent clash two weeks ago.

She said City’s strength was their ability to draw shots to the head, but added if her side was to secure victory they needed to produce a more consistent and well-rounded effort.

“Each week is different but they’re probably a bit better at drawing in than us,” she said.

“So we just need to draw in better and consistency is also probably the key to it (winning).

“We need a fast start but we need to be up the whole day (with our effort), that’s what we need to do instead of going up and down a bit - we tend to wave up and down during the day.

“And if we can put pressure on them that would ideal but they’re a very organised team. We’ll just see what happens, we’ll be trying our best.”