Camperdown Chronicle
Hill climb thrills at Mount Leura

A FIELD of 60 cars contested last weekend’s final round of the Victorian Hill Climb Championship at Mount Leura.

Drivers were forced to contend with varying weather conditions across the two-day event, with each entrant given the opportunity to make seven runs to the top of the mount.

Class winners:

Formula Libre – up to 1300cc: David Mahon (Dallara F394) 28.12 seconds;

Formula Libre – 1301-2000cc: Michael Barker (Hayward 06 – VHC) 28.96 seconds;

Formula Libre – 2001cc and over: Fred Galli (SYGA-CGA) 33.36 seconds;

Formula Vee: Harold Roberts (Elfin 500) 40.61 seconds;

Sports Cars – 2WD Clubman up to 1600cc: Colin Newitt (Locost) 37.60 seconds;

Sports Cars – 2WD up to 2000cc: Sarah Pfeiffer (Mallock U2 mk21) 35.81 seconds;

Sports Cars – 2WD 2001-3000cc: Hugh Feggans (Porsche 911) 36.81 seconds;

Sports Cars – 2WD 3001cc and over: John Elliott (Renault Alpine GTA Turbo) 46.64 seconds;

Prod Sports – 2B and 2F up to 2000cc: Kevin Mackrell (Datsun 260Z) 30.66 seconds;

Prod Sports – 2B and 2F – 2001-3000cc: Michael Goossens (Toyota Mr2) 36.84 seconds;

Sports Sedans – 2WD up to 1600cc: Darren Odgers (Morris Mini Cooper S) 36.47 seconds;

Sports Sedans – 2WD 1601-2000cc: Bradley De Luca (Nissan Exa) 35.08 seconds;

Sports Sedans – 2WD 2001cc and over: Steve Grinstead (Holden VL Commodore) 34.08 seconds;

Sports Sedans – 4WD: Russell McKenzie (Nissan Pulsar GTI-R) 36.59 seconds;

Time attack: James Callahan (Mitsubishi Evo VI) 33.99 seconds;

Improved Production – 2WD up to 1600cc: Ian Grinter (Morris Cooper) 36.67 seconds;

Improved Production – 2WD 1601-2000cc: Mark Baldwin (Honda Civic EG) 33.56 seconds;

Improved Production – 2WD 2001-3000cc: Frank Bradley (Mini R56 Turbo) 39.55 seconds;

Improved Production – 2WD 3001cc and over: Christopher Brooksby (Ford Falcon AU XR8) 34.87 seconds;

Improved Production – 4WD: David Harris (Subaru WRX) 33.80 seconds;

Historic – Group N up to 2000cc: Steven Weymouth-Wilson (Morris Cooper S) 36.62 seconds;

Historic – Group N 2001cc and over: Peter Thompson (Holden EH) 42.44 seconds;

Non Championship/Non Log Book: Keith McElroy (Subaru WRX) 34.61 seconds.