Camperdown Chronicle
Bailey McDonald contests National Junior Road Series

IT may not have been the competition he is accustomed to but Camperdown’s Bailey McDonald found a way to complete a competitive cycling race on Sunday.

The 17 year-old took part in the first round of Cycling Australia’s National Junior Road Series held on the RGT platform, a competition which allows cyclists to compete in a virtual race setting.

McDonald participated in the Under 19 section, with the first round featuring three races on real life circuits held at 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

The races included an 18 kilometre circuit of Canary Wharf in the United Kingdom, a 30 kilometre road race at Borrego Springs in California and a 24 kilometre event through the hills of the Pienza course in Italy.

McDonald finished 14th, second and eighth in each of the three events to finish equal fifth in the general classification standings.