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Camperdown Wellnest’s Ramute Stepanavicius and Kylie Addison get into Friday the 13th spooky fun.

Camperdown Newsagents Nola and Shane McCann have some spooky fun.

Camperdown’s Betta Home Living’s Peter Welding and Jacinta Lee dress up.

Peter McArther and April Monteron enjoy some Friday the 13th fun.


Spooky fun in Camperdown on Friday the 13th

DESPITE a mixed day’s trade, local retailers are upbeat about the impact the annual Friday the 13th sale is having across Camperdown.

Held for the fourth time on Friday, businesses and their staff took the opportunity to once again dress up in spooky costumes while holding a one day sale.

It once again created plenty of talk, more about who was dressed as what and about why it was on, with retailers enjoying the opportunity to show a different side to business within the town.

Benallack’s Sports proprietor Michelle Elijah said the annual initiative helped provide a “bit of an atmosphere in the street”.

“In the climate that we have at the moment it’s difficult for retailers,” she said. 

“To have initiatives like this just gees everyone up to go up the street. It (the dress up fun and sales) just adds to the atmosphere.

“We had more traders dressing up this year which was fantastic.

“It’s (Friday the 13th celebrations) just something for all of the retailers to do together.”

Feedback from Camperdown businesses was largely positive with the Bargain Place’s Peter McArthur and April Monteron reporting “good trade for the day”. 

They also said they “enjoyed dressing up and the positive comments” from customers. 

Excuse Me’s Kate Kent said trade was “nice and constant” on the day “but probably due to current conditions, not as hectic as previous sales”.

Camperdown Newsagency staff said the opportunity for staff to dress up “created a lot of fun” and it was good to have a “whole town event”.