Camperdown Chronicle
New lights for Woolies’ car park

CUSTOMERS are set to feel safer in Camperdown’s Woolworths car park thanks to an upgrade currently under way.

Woolworths Camperdown store manager Glen Cooney has long pushed for the lighting in the car park to be upgraded to improve customer security after a number of the lights failed to work properly.

On Monday, his wish was finally granted, with work beginning on a three-stage upgrade which will overhaul the store’s car park.

“It was so dark, I think we only had two of 12 lights working, so that was the main reason why I pushed it, because of customer safety,” Mr Cooney said.

“Some of the stages will be lighting, some will be the removal of trees and the replanting of native trees.

“The last stage will be re-asphalting the entire car park.”

The first stage of the works will see six existing light towers replaced with six new LED light towers installed at the east and west ends of the car park.

Mr Cooney said the first stage works are expected to be completed by next Friday “all going well”, with each stage split to minimise disruption for customers.

He said there had currently been “no impact to trade” and minimal impact on customers using the car park since temporary fencing was erected last Friday.

The time frame for the remaining two stages is currently unknown and will be decided by the owner, Kipava Administrators Pty Ltd, who is funding the works.

Stage one of the project is being carried out by Steve Lee-Archer from Stemi Services Pty Ltd and GreenCon.