Camperdown Chronicle
Mixed response for Friday the 13th

DESPITE a mixed day’s trade, local retailers are upbeat about the impact the annual Friday the 13th sale is having across Camperdown.

Held for the third time last week, businesses and their staff took the opportunity to once again dress up in spooky costumes while holding a one day sale.

The day once again created plenty of talk, providing retailers with an opportunity to show a different side to business within the town.

Betta Home Living manager Jacinta Lee, who dressed up for the third year, said the annual event was growing.

“It was quiet in the morning but in the afternoon it got busy. I was happy with our sales” she said.

“We had a lot of people coming in looking (at us dressed up) and realising what was going but some others we had to explain it too.

“But mostly the reaction was good and people were having fun with you.”

Benallacks Sport proprietor Andrew Benallack also had a mixed business day but he said he was pleased with the response from his fellow retailers in participating in the sale.

He said it had been a difficult year for traders from a business perspective but he added it was great to see them taking a chance on creating trade.

“It (the day) reminds people we’re here and that business can still be done,” he said.

“The great irony is the day itself might not be successful but the days following can make up for any perceived losses.

“We had a lot of enquiries on what we advertised even though they were all not overly sold.”

Camperdown WellNest Centre owner Ramute Stepanavicius also said she had mixed responses to people being aware of what was on.

She said one customer thought it was Halloween, while others knew exactly what Friday the 13th was.

Mrs Stepanavicius said her trade was similar to most days but she said she enjoyed participating even though she opted not to dress up.

Instead she put props throughout her shop and sold gluten free shortbread bat cookies to mark the sale.

“I’m all for community events and doing anything we can to stimulate interest in the town,” she said.

“Perhaps the actual day wasn’t very significant in people being aware of what was on but I’d definitely do it again.

“As I said anything I can do to participate in or stimulate awareness in the town is good.”