Camperdown Chronicle
Milo makes an impression at Camperdown College

CAMPERDOWN College staff and students welcomed a new student to the school yard in Milo, an eight year-old chocolate Labrador.

Trained as an assisted therapy animal, Milo brings with him a sense of calm, companionship and trust as he enters the school yard. 

Milo’s owner and student wellbeing officer Kathryn Robertson said Milo completed animal assisted therapy training.

She said his involvement in the classroom during these challenging times is invaluable. 

“Interaction with animals can provide a sense of peace, purpose, companionship, responsibility and love. I believe that developing a bond with an animal also promotes self-worth, self-esteem, and trust

which animal-assisted therapy can provide” Ms Robertson said. 

Students are enjoying lessons from Milo when he attends one day per week. 

“The first lesson Milo was able to teach students was about temptation and being able to control your impulses” she said. 

Milo is proving to be a popular addition as the new dog on the block with students asking if he can come every day as he makes them feel “calm” and “happy”.