Camperdown Chronicle
Communication app keeps Shaun Mather connected

Shaun Mather is chatting up more than he has for a long time and its all thanks to the generosity of the Camperdown Lions Club.

A long-term patient of the Camperdown hospital, Mr Mather suffers with glioblastoma (more commonly known as Locked In Syndrome) and while being fully alert and cognitive, is unable to communicate verbally and has limited use of his limbs.

Hospital manager Janine Dureau-Finn said Shaun’s abilities varied from day to day.

“Sometimes Shaun can say single words, but relies more on texting,” she said.

“Up until now he has been communicating with nursing staff by blinking his eyes and using a spelling board, there has also been a lot of charades-type communicating between he and the nursing staff.”

Ms Dureau-Finn said the Camperdown Lions Club had covered the $580 cost of a predictable communication app and a Bluetooth switch for Shaun’s iPad.

“It means he can communicate through social media networks better,” she said.

“It’s a text based app and has a voice generating component so it can speak for him, making it much easier to communicate with nursing staff and his family and friends.”

The Lions club was thanked for its support.