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Camperdown College students ‘Art Bomb’ Camperdown

DID you see Mona Lisa holding a cow or licking a lolly pop this week in Camperdown’s main street?

Your eyes were not playing tricks on you and the local phenomenon was actually part of an art bombing project Camperdown College Grade three to six students were working on. 

School art teacher Dayle Smithwick said the project was a way to link into the Term 2 curriculum which involved studying Leonardo da Vinci and his famous Mona Lisa piece. 

“The students found the story about Mona Lisa fascinating,” she said. 

“We learnt that Mona Lisa is the most famous portrait in the world and why.

“We than decided to take it to the community with a fun activity by placing around 200 of our own fun interpretations of Mona Lisa around town.” 

Ms Smithwick said art brings people together and the project was an example of how expression through art can enrich a community.

“We had people stopping their cars to take pictures, coming out of shops and chatting to students and store owners were really thrilled that there was a buzz in the town,” she said.