Camperdown Chronicle
War memorial works start

REPAIRS to one of Camperdown’s war monuments took place last week.

The town’s Boer War Memorial is being restored after eagle-eyed citizens discovered several elements of the memorial’s soldier statue were missing.

The Corangamite Shire, along with Heritage Victoria, Heritage Architects and the Camperdown Returned and Services League (RSL) have since been working together to restore the memorial to its original glory.

The scope of works for the memorial includes:

  • Re-carving and installation of missing elements of the soldier on the memorial including the gun muzzle, gun strap, trigger guard and bayonet holder;
  • Re-forming the wreath elements at the base of the soldier’s feet;
  • Re-mortaring/pointing of the pedestal; and
  • Cleaning of biological growth and staining on the monument.

Stonemason David Williams completed the restoration works on the replacement of the missing components to the statue’s rifle muzzle, strap, trigger guard and bayonet holder.

The project that took several hours to complete, but was months in the making, with Mr Williams taking moulds for the missing elements before Anzac Day.

The works were made possible after the Camperdown RSL received grant funding under the ‘Restoring Community War Memorials and Avenues of Honour Grants Program’, with the project being auspiced by the Corangamite Shire.

Works to re-form the wreath, clean the biological growth and re-point the pedestal are due to be completed in the coming weeks.