Camperdown Chronicle
Storm trailer to make a difference

CAMPERDOWN State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers can better service the wider district after taking possession of a purpose-made storm damage trailer recently.

The trailer was passed on to the club from the Bannockburn SES unit, which had updated their equipment.

Camperdown SES controller Colin Brian said the trailer allowed the unit to spread its resources further during times of emergency.

“Previously we only had a rescue truck and a small storm damage trailer,” he said.

“That meant we had to take both the truck and the small trailer to attend things like fallen trees or damaged houses due to storms.

“However, if a road accident occurred at the same time, which often happens during storms, we’d have to unhitch the trailer and attend the accident in the rescue truck.”

Mr Brian said the new storm damage trailer meant the unit could leave the rescue truck at its headquarters.

“That means if we get a call out for a road rescue at the same time as a call out for storm damage, we can attend both incidents at once,” he said.

“Because we still have our original smaller storm damage trailer, we can attend two incidents at the same time.”

Camperdown’s SES unit meets at its Bowyer Street headquarters every Monday night from 7pm. New members are welcome to attend.