Camperdown Chronicle
Funds for three-year-old Camperdown Kindergarten

FOR the first time, Camperdown Kindergarten will have extended three-year-old kinder hours thanks to government funding. 

Camperdown Pre-School Committee of Management president Nina Pasque said the Victorian Government had previously announced it would fund a three-year-old kindergarten program. 

She said Corangamite Shire is in the second roll out of the program which starts in 2021. 

“The government is offering another year of play-based learning, for every child who attends, to their education,” Mrs Pasque said. 

“Research shows that quality play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s learning and development.

“Two years are better than one.”

Currently, the Victorian Government funds 15 hours of kindergarten in the year before school, and this is known as four-year-old kindergarten. 

Mrs Pasque said funded kindergarten means the government helps the kinder service with the costs of the child attending, which helps keep kinder fees low. 

“The funding works the same way as it does now for the four-year-old kinder program,” she said. 

“The government are recommending the program be run up to 15 hours per week. We are yet to determine our hours and days – due to enrolments not closing until August 14.

“After the enrolments close, the staff and committee of management will confirm to families the hours the three-year-old program will run.”