Truck skid scare

A Geelong truck driver escaped uninjured after his semi-trailer skidded and jack-knifed on the Camperdown-Lismore Road on Wednesday morning. Heavy haulage was called in to clear the scene.

EARLY morning rains took their toll Wednesday morning, causing a semi-trailer to skid off the Camperdown-Lismore Road.

A refrigeration truck was travelling towards Camperdown when it hit a wet patch of road at about 5am and slid out of control.

Acting Sergeant Diane Grant of Cobden Police said the truck crossed the oncoming lane and slid off the road with the cabin becoming imbedded into the grassy road reserve.

“The trailer, which was carrying empty milk crates, then swung around and almost faced the opposite direction,” she said.

“The trailer came to a stop across the road.”

The Camperdown-Lismore Road was blocked to through traffic for several hours after a semi-trailer fell victim to a wet road surface.

Act Sgt Grant said the road was initially closed to traffic from both directions, before a single lane was opened to let heavy trucks through.

“Other traffic was diverted along back roads,” she said.

Heavy haulage was called in to retrieve the truck and clear the scene.

A Geelong-based truck driver was the sole occupant and was uninjured, though shaken.

Act Sgt Grant said police would contact VicRoads to report the incident and discuss the condition of Camperdown-Lismore Road.

Camperdown, Cobden and Mortlake police attended the scene.

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