Shine for Samuel success

A pair of husband and wife combinations proved to be a formidable quartet en route to victory in the 2019 edition of the Shine for Samuel golf day (l-r) Mark and Kellie Fitzgerald and Emily and Troy Stephens.

LAST Saturday’s Shine for Samuel day ended with a “fairytale finish” on what was the biggest staging of the event yet.

One hundred and twenty golfers took to the Camperdown Golf Club for the event, which raised $7755 for the Stillbirth Foundation, taking the grand tally to just under $24,000 since the inaugural day in 2016.

Co-ordinators Darren and Samantha Fox were overwhelmed with the support of the “very successful” day.

“It was probably as good as it could be in terms of everything you’re trying for,” Darren said.

“It was a bit hot but people got through, but the participation was just amazing, which we knew coming up.

“There were a couple of groups that dropped out but we just had great numbers and great support.

“The (amount) of people that got in and helped and organised was just amazing.”

Camperdown Golf Club member Simon Gill was happy to be part of the day’s action.

The day’s honours were taken out by Mark and Kellie Fitzgerald and Troy and Emily Stephens, a win that Darren said means “a lot to them and a lot to us”.

He said the quartet had all put a lot of effort into helping the event, with the three families all sharing a close bond.

More significantly, Darren said the win was special for Mark, who was making good progress following health issues over the past two years.

“Mark’s taking forward steps, he’s still got a long way to go but he’s taking forward steps and is just starting to get back into some success with his golf,” Darren said.

“Kellie and Sam and Emily are really great mates and the girls really put in and helped out a heap, sourcing all the prizes and a heap of stuff for hampers and raffles and those sort of things.

“They’ve got a good bond with Sam and obviously that translates through our families and Troy has always been a great mate of mine, his business supported the event as well.

“If Samuel was here he’d be close to them the same as Bayley and Tommy are, so that means a lot to them and it meant a lot to us.”

Asked if there was scope to run other events, the Foxes said it was unlikely, given they preferred to refine the day as best as they possibly could.

Samantha said the event had cemented itself as Samuel’s legacy and while there has been offers put forward to hold a two day tournament and also run a bowls component, for now they were keen to keep sticking with golf.

“I think for us the event (itself) is significant and through the event we’ve gained exposure through the Golf Victoria magazine as well as locally,” Samantha said.

“For us it’s the event, I can’t see anything over and above that in the sense of that’s Samuel’s legacy, that’s his day.

“I don’t feel that we could potentially do much more considering that takes so much effort and it takes a long time to put it together.”

With the third event again celebrating the life of their son, the Foxes once again thanked the community for their support.

They said the efforts of their families and friends to help remember Samuel’s life would be cherished, thanking them for their assistance in staging another successful event.

“We want to thank everyone for the support,” Samantha said.

“This year was just amazing with everyone just getting involved and we basically had everyone sourcing prizes and doing everything to help us.

“The level that it got to this year, you couldn’t be any prouder and it’s because of all the people that helped make it happen.”

Results: 1st – Troy and Emily Stephens and Mark and Kellie Fitzgerald (50 5/8), 2nd – Kevin Cummins, Wayne Scully, Greg Jenkinson, Rick Carr (50 7/8), 3rd – Chris White, Matt Conheady, Nathan Bant, Adam McCosh (53 2/8);

Scratch winners: Tommy Moran, Jack Kerr, Peter Lucas, Jon O’Neil (57).

Nearest the pins: Kevin Cummins (2nd), Lorretta Roberts (2nd), Ricky Carr (9th), Chris White (15th), Gayle Gill (15th), Jacob Roberts (17th), closest second shot Cobden Boys.

Longest drive: men’s Mark Clissold, ladies Vicki Fitzgerald, straightest drive: Andrew Narik.

Longest putt: Andrea Hughes, Tony Nichols.

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