Brodie scores Pasque Memorial

Warrnambool rider Ryan Brodie (right) topped a strong field to claim an emotional victory in this year’s Saul Pasque Memorial. Camperdown local Ned Molan took out the junior race.

THE 2019 edition of the Saul Pasque Memorial was a long time in the making for winner Ryan Brodie.

The Camperdown Cycling Club’s marquee race attracted 58 starters to honour the memory of former president Saul Pasque, who was killed while on a training ride at Ceres, near Geelong, on January 18, 2005.

Brodie said for him personally, it is more than just a race.

“I’ve wanted this for 14 years and it was a relief to finally win it,” he said.

“It’s without a doubt the biggest win for me in terms of what it means.”

Brodie revealed that Saul was more than just a cyclist to him during his early days on the saddle.

“Pasquey, when I was a kid he was my mentor,” he said.

“He was always someone I looked up to and was a big influence on me as an aspiring cyclist.

“It means a helluva lot to me to finally get my name on that trophy.”

The Warrnambool rider, who started from the scratch mark, powered to victory around the 16-kilometre road course, finishing in a time of 20 minutes and 31 seconds.

“The time didn’t really matter to me, it was irrelevant in the scheme of things” he said.

“We caught second scratch at the left-hand turn at Chocolyn, then our group split.

“I got in amongst the first couple and we had a bit of a cross wind, but kept pressure on the pedals.”

Brodie eventually took the lead at the abattoirs turn, and once in control at the front of the field never looked back.

“I took off with about 700 metres to go and got some time to enjoy it,” he said.

“I was pretty emotional to be honest when I rolled across the line.

“It’s my most prized win by a mile.”

The 33 year-old became the 14th different winner in event history.

Brodie’s race time was over half a minute faster than 2018 winner, Steven Krybolder.

Despite having a decade away from the competitive side of the sport, the Saul Pasque Memorial was always one event that Brodie continued to ride before returning to regular racing in 2017.

Following the 2018 race, Brodie made it his focus to pay tribute to his friend the best way he knew how.

“I’ve raced in pretty much all of them, maybe only missed one or two over the years,” Brodie said.

“But this is really the first one where I’ve had the opportunity to train hard and get myself in the right shape in the lead-up.”

Brodie also extended his praise/gratitude to the Camperdown Cycling Club for the organisation of the annual event.

“A big thanks must go to the club for putting it on, the SES volunteers who were corner marshals and of course the Pasque family who make this event as special as it is,” he said.

Results: 1st Ryan Brodie (scr), 2nd Geoff Robertson (1.20), 3rd Steve Pickles (1.20), 4th Adam Leone (1.20), 5th Kobe Henderson (1.20).

Fastest time: Ryan Brodie 20.31 minutes.

Earlier in the evening, Ned Molan proved victorious in the junior race, as Rosie Pickles picked up fastest time over the five-kilometre distance.

Junior results: 1st Ned Molan, 2nd Oliver Clark, 3rd Zane Vogels, 4th Stella Wickenton, 5th Erik Howie.

Fastest time: Rosie Pickles 10.23 minutes.

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