Lake fun ramps up

South Beach Foreshore Committee of Management members Peter Place and Roger Tolland team up with local contractor Waldig to repair the boat ramps at Lake Bullen Merri.

BOTH boat ramps at Lake Bullen Merri’s South Beach are back in operation after seven concrete slabs were installed on Friday.

South Beach Foreshore Committee of Management member Peter Place said local contractor Waldig removed a large amount of sand from the ramp area to make way for the upgrade.

“The seven slabs are all connected to each other and were slid into place down rail tracks that we had already laid along the lake bottom,” he said.

“The concrete ramp now extends a total distance of 7.8 metres into the water.”

Mr Place said the upgrade became necessary after the lake’s receding waterline meant the existing ramps were virtually out of the water and rendered unusable.

“It’s great to have the ramp back in operation in time for our busy season over the summer months,” Mr Place said.

“It has taken a lot of effort to repair the boat ramp, so we really encourage everyone to make use of it and enjoy everything the lake has to offer.”

The ramp extension works were largely self-funded by the foreshore committee with some help from VRFish.

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