Stitches of recovery

Clocktower Quilters members (from left) Kay Devlin, Bruce Kirk, Sue Reinheimer, Yvonne Langley and Lyn Meath present Camperdown CFA captain Danny Gordon (third from right) with a hand stitched quilt as a thank you for the brigade’s efforts during the recent St Patrick’s Day fires.

THE hard work of Camperdown CFA members during the St Patrick’s Day fires has not gone unnoticed with a thank you gift presented to the brigade on Friday.

The Clocktower Quilters presented a hand-stitched quilt entitled ‘Resurgence’ to the brigade, with the intention of it being raffled as a fundraiser.

Quilters Kay Devlin and Vicki Hayes are behind the piece, which took about a month to complete.

“We know the brigade did an enormous amount of work during the fires and throughout the recovery process and wanted to show our appreciation,” Ms Devlin said.

“The Camperdown brigade would have used a lot of their own resources and we wanted to support them in replacing those resources.”

Featuring vibrant spring colours, flowers, leaves and birds in flight, the ‘resurgence’ theme signifies the fire district’s ongoing recovery.

CFA captain Danny Gordon was thrilled with the Clocktower Quilters’ gesture.

“We’re very grateful and thankful to receive the quilt and to have our efforts recognised,” he said.

“We’ll now set about organising for it to be raffled and I’m sure it will be very sought after in the community.”

Mr Gordon said the brigade intended to secure a new tanker and all profits raised from the quilt raffle would go towards that cause.

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