B-double rolls

A B-double truck aquaplaned on a notorious section of the Camperdown-Lismore Road yesterday, spun around to face the opposite direction and rolled.

A NOTORIOUS section of the Camperdown-Lismore Road claimed yet another victim yesterday (Thursday) when a B-double aquaplaned in wet conditions and rolled.

Kerang-based Pickering Transport Group driver Dean Alford said he was travelling at the signed reduced speed limit of 60 kilometres per hour when he lost control just south of the Derrinallum turn-off.

“I was travelling to Camperdown and lost control in the wet, crossed the oncoming traffic and left the road,” he said.

“When the nose of the prime mover dug into the mud, the two trailers swung around and did a complete 180 degree spin, dragging the cabin with it.

“I’ve ended up facing the complete opposite direction. Because of the weight of the load, once one trailer goes, the whole lot goes.”

The two B-double trailers snapped off from the turntable when they rolled.

The B-double was carting 20 tonnes of salt to Five Star Stockfeeds when the accident occurred.

Mr Alford said he was carting about 20 tonnes of salt to Camperdown’s Five Star Stockfeeds mill when the accident happened at about 9.30am.

“I’m so glad no cars were coming the other way,” he said.

“I was wondering where I was going to land and hoping that I wouldn’t end up upside down.

“I’m a little bit nervy now, but I’m pretty lucky overall – I’ve just got a bit of a scratch on my head.”

Mr Alford said several motorists stopped to assist and all mentioned the stretch of road as being the scene of several previous accidents in recent weeks.

Kerang-based truck driver Dean Alford was lucky to escape the crash with minor abrasions.

The Camperdown Chronicle has reported at least four previous accidents at the site over the last two months.

Exactly two weeks ago, two Melbourne men were lucky to escape unscathed after their delivery van rolled three times on the same stretch of road.

The incident followed a ute rollover at the same location about five hours earlier.

A Landcruiser towing a 5.5 metre boat also careered off the road in early May. The impact caused the trailer hitch to break and saw the boat become airborne and fly over the top of the Landcruiser.

A five tonne refrigeration truck then careered off the same section of road three weeks later, hit a fence, tipped forward and pivoted before it came to rest on all four wheels facing the opposite direction.

Senior Sergeant Bill Caldow of Warrnambool Police said the stretch of road was “extremely concerning”.

“We will definitely be discussing our concerns with VicRoads as soon as practicable,” he said.

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