Blooming romances

Despite being a long working day, Full Bloom staff Jan Lines (left) and Kerri Gavin enjoy the fun of Valentine’s Day.

ROMANCE flowed from the doors of Camperdown’s Full Bloom florist on Wednesday as bouquets of colourful flowers were delivered across the shire for Valentine’s Day.

Owner Karen Gardner said it was a busy day with flowers delivered to Lismore and Derrinallum in the north and Cobden, Terang and Port Campbell in the south.

“One lucky lady received 42 long-stemmed roses – one for every year of marriage, which is pretty romantic,” she said.

“It was also the first year that we stocked black roses and they sold out very quickly, although red roses are still the bloom of choice for Valentine’s Day.”

After getting up at 4am to prepare for the busy day, Ms Gardner said she and her staff had a lot of fun, with everything from single roses to large bunches and colourful bouquets delivered.

“A lot of people say that they don’t want to get involved with Valentine’s Day but use it as a reason to buy their partner flowers,” she said.

“While we had three extra staff on just to help with deliveries, we also use the local couriers a lot, so they also benefit from the day.

“We did notice this year that there were a lot more women sending their gentlemen flowers, which is a bit novel.

“We were also amazed at how many different pet names couples have for each other – but what goes on in the shop, stays in the shop so I’m not giving away anything there!”

Ms Gardner said while it had been a long day, it was also a fun day and thanked all her staff for helping things run smoothly on such a demanding day.

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