A sudden arrival

Sai Sheung Chan (second left) and Cheuk San Lee were visiting the 12 Apostles when little Bella Lee decided it was time to make her entry into the world. The couple ‘googled’ nearby hospitals offering obstetrics and made the trip to Camperdown where doctors John Menzies and Eunice Wong delivered their baby girl.

A VISIT to the 12 Apostles on Tuesday turned out to be a life-changing event for Cheuk San Lee and Sai Sheung Chan this week, with the sudden arrival of their daughter Bella Lee.

The couple was on an overnight visit along the Great Ocean Road when Ms Chan went into labour near Port Campbell.

After a quick search on ‘google’ for the closest hospital offering obstetric services, the couple phoned ahead and made a b-line for the Camperdown hospital.

Campus manager Janine Dureau-Finn said Ms Chan was in advanced labour when she arrived at the hospital at about 11.30pm.

“Her labour was so far advanced that she wasn’t going anywhere else, her baby was going to be born in Camperdown,” she said.

“Our staff contacted Ms Chan’s medical team at the Mercy Hospital in Heidelberg to check on her medical history and then went ahead with the delivery.

“We’re very proud to say that not only did we have the necessary equipment and expertise here to deliver the baby, we also had two people who spoke fluent Cantonese,” she said.

Dr John Menzies was called on to deliver the baby, while Dr Eunice Wong and medical student Kenny Li acted as interpreters.

Bella, the couple’s first child, was born at 5am on Wednesday weighing a healthy 3080 grams (6lb 10oz).

Mr Lee praised the Camperdown staff for their dedicated care and welcome and said his daughter’s birth was one to remember.

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