A golden catch up

Past students of Camperdown High School came together for a 50 year reunion last weekend, sharing memories and rekindling friendships.

REKINDLED friendships and shared memories were a highlight of last weekend’s Camperdown High School reunion which marked the 50th anniversary of the class of 1967.

Organiser Bradley Wynd said the get-together was a “huge success” with more than 80 past students from 1962 through to 1967 making the trek back to town.

“We had people coming back from all over Australia – several from North Queensland, one from Western Australia. We even had someone make the trip back from Japan to be a part of the gathering,” he said.

“There were lots of hugs and excitement, it was absolutely terrific.”

Past students and classmates (from left) Kevin Knowles, Pat Scott, Brad Wynd, Adrian Byrne and Ken Wall.

Participants toured the now renamed Camperdown College on Saturday afternoon and then met at the Five Star Function Centre for an evening meal.

“A big highlight was to see our school logo and a welcoming message light up the footy club’s scoreboard,” Mr Wynd said.

“A roll call was conducted and tribute was paid to fellow classmates that are no longer with us.

“We sang our old school song and then the school’s war cry before splitting into our house colours and singing those songs as well.”

He said the evening also included a Skype link-up with former American exchange student Dru-Ann Chuckran.

“That was really special as we all had fond memories of Dru-Ann who went on to become an actress, appearing in a Dan Aykroyd movie at one point,” Mr Wynd said.

The celebrations finished off with a Sunday get-together a Fanny’s Cafe.

“We’ve had reunions before, but this was by far the best one, after all 50 years is a pretty big milestone,” he said.

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