Back to school for ‘The Shark’

Former Camperdown College student Brydon Coverdale, otherwise known as ‘The Shark’ on the popular quiz show ‘The Chase’, returned to take over the top job on Tuesday, as part of the ‘Principal for a Day’ program.

A FAMILIAR face to the Camperdown College community returned to his home town and old school earlier this week to reminisce about his early years in the region.

Brydon Coverdale, who has achieved success as one of the ‘chasers’ on the popular quiz show ‘The Chase Australia’ and as a sports journalist, returned to the school on Tuesday as part of the ‘Principal for a Day’ program.

His day involved taking part in a ‘mini chase’ with Grade 5 and 6 students, where he acted as the host, while students took on the roles of the ‘chaser’ and the contestants.

A number of Mr Coverdale’s past teachers and other key people in his childhood surprised him at a special assembly, reminiscent of the television show ‘This is Your Life’.

“That was a massive surprise,” he said.

Mr Coverdale said he did not expect to see many of his old teachers again, including his Grade 6 teacher Mr Baker and Indonesian teacher Mr Bool.

Students and staff also took him on a tour of the school grounds throughout the day.

Mr Coverdale said while the school had not changed much in the last 18 years, technology and the way children learnt had.

“I remember having Apple computers which weren’t used for much back then,” he said.

Mr Coverdale said he has enjoyed a short break with his family in Camperdown before returning for the last batch of filming for the year.

His Prep teacher at the school Karen Jeffs said she was proud to see Mr Coverdale achieve so much since leaving school.

“He was always the perfect student,” she said.

“It’s wonderful to see his passion for general knowledge become part of his work.

“We always love to see what our past students get up to after school.”

Ms Jeffs recalled a time when she asked her class to count from 10 down to zero, but Mr Coverdale continued into the negatives.

Principal Cherie Kilpatrick said the school was happy to host the ‘Principal for a Day’ program, after successfully welcoming Corangamite Shire chief executive officer Andrew Mason into the role last year.

“It’s been terrific to have a past student who has a very public profile return,” she said.

“It is very important for our students to see the past students have gone on to live rich and interesting lives.”

Mr Coverdale’s visit to the school concluded with the Year 9 and 10 students cooking him lunch.

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