Netball title squads named

Emily Finch has been picked as one of three established
shooters in the open squad, alongside her sister Jaymie.

WESTERN Region has finalised teams for the 2017 State Netball Titles.

The tournament will be held at Eagle Stadium, Werribee over the weekend of October 7-8.

The open team comprises of players from three leagues – Hampden, Warrnambool and District as well as Mininera.

All open grade pool matches and finals will be played on Saturday, October 7.

Open squad as selected: Brooke Richardson (Camperdown), Emily Finch (Camperdown), Jaymie Finch (Camperdown), Jessica Wheadon (Cobden), Remeny McCann (Cobden), Alyssa Johnstone (Dennington), Katie Burt (Dennington), Elisha Carter (North Warrnambool), Leah Rentsch (Penshurst), Jessica Rohan (South Rovers), Cloe Marr (Timboon Demons), Kelly Gowland (Timboon Demons). Coach: Nadine McNamara.

A junior tournament will run in conjunction, with both under 15 and under 17 competitions being held over two days.

Under 15 squad as selected: Krystal Baker (Camperdown), Isabella Rea (Cobden), Indiana Ryan (Hamilton), Madeline Casey (Hamilton), Tara Elliott (North Warrnambool), Ava Pierce (Port Fairy), Eloise Swarbrick (Port Fairy), Laura Coffey (Port Fairy), Katie Zeunert (Portland), Meg Kelson (South Warrnambool), Jess Thwaites (Warrnambool), Laura Ritchie (Warrnambool). Coach: Sharon Kenna.

Under 17 squad as selected: Chelsea Baker (Camperdown), Olivia Henzen (Camperdown), Chelsea Quinn (North Warrnambool), Maggie Kline (Old Collegians), Jess Swarbrick (Port Fairy), Chloe Lovell (South Warrnambool), Hannah Loveday (South Warrnambool), Gabby Beaver (Terang Mortlake), Libby Moloney (Terang Mortlake), Danica Clough (Timboon Demons), Lily Killey (Warrnambool). Coaches: Raewyn Poumako and Chris Van Kempen.

The Western Region all-abilities side will play on Sunday and is led by state representative Ehlana Wilkinson.

All-Abilities squad as selected: Ehlana Wilkinson (Warrnambool), Rebecca Bradford (Warrnambool), Ashlee Bradford (Warrnambool), Skye Grace (Warrnambool), Jenny Wood (Warrnambool), Maddison Benson (Cobden), David Childs (Cooriemungle), Cody Childs (Cooriemungle), Emma Daffy (Camperdown), Celia Nash (Camperdown). Coach: Marg Morgan.

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