SES receives a $215,000 update

Camperdown SES members are thrilled with the arrival of a new rescue truck, which includes numerous time-saving features.

AT $215,000, Camperdown State Emergency Service’s (SES) new rescue vehicle is a “beauty”.

The medium rescue 4WD vehicle was officially presented to the local SES unit last week and members could not be happier.

Camperdown controller Phillip Robertson said the truck replaced a Landrover and fifth wheel arrangement that members had fitted out themselves more than a decade ago.

“This new rescue vehicle has built in compressors, generators and a light tower – it’s a real beauty,” he said.

“It has a standard layout – which means it’s the same as vehicles now being delivered to SES units across the state.

“If someone from another unit was to work with us at an incident, everything they needed would be located in exactly the same place.”

Member Bob Gardner said many features on the rescue vehicle were now ergonomically designed.

“It means that the heavier equipment can be accessed from waist level, to make lifting much easier,” he said.

“The design also means that all the equipment is easy to see – our members should be able to put their hands on whatever they’re looking for without any delay.”

Mr Robertson said the vehicle would be used for road rescues and storm damage call-outs.

“All the equipment from our previous fifth wheeler has been transferred over into eight different compartments,” he said.

“Another bonus is the fact that the new vehicle has a fully automated light tower included, where we previously had a separate tower that had to be erected manually.

“The whole vehicle will be more efficient and more reliable.”

The twin cab vehicle will carry six members comfortably.

Camperdown SES currently has 16 members and meets every Monday evening from 7pm at their Bowyer Street premises, with new members welcome.

Mr Robertson said four members would begin training for road rescues in the coming weeks.

“We’ve got a great bunch of people involved, great new premises and the latest state-of-the-art equipment,” he said.

“We’d love to see more people get involved.”

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