Arson suspected

CFA officer Garth Western and Senior Constable Kat Speakman of the Warrnambool Crime Investigation Unit investigate ignition points at a Gnotuk Road house fire yesterday.

POLICE and CFA investigators are treating a house fire which occurred on Gnotuk Road early yesterday as ‘suspicious’.

Detective Senior Constable Peter Wellington of Warrnambool CIU said the fire was deemed suspicious after two separate ignition points were confirmed.

“Both the CFA investigators and our investigators have arrived at the same conclusion,” he said.

“The two ignition points are far enough away from each other, that one could not have caused the other.”

Senior Constable Dave Gaw of Camperdown police said neighbours raised the alarm at about 7.05am.

“The initial report was that a shed at the rear of the property was alight, but when the CFA members arrived on the scene a second fire was visible in the actual house,” he said.

“There were no occupants at the time, the home having been vacated a number of weeks ago.”

Snr Const Gaw said the property’s rear shed was 70 per cent destroyed.

“While it doesn’t look very damaged from the outside, internally, the back half of the house is almost completely gutted,” he said.

“There is really only black char remaining.”

A CFA Region 6 fire investigator and assistant fire investigator attended the scene along with two Warrnambool Crime Investigation Unit officers and two Crime Desk (forensics) officers.

Two Camperdown and two Cobden CFA units attended along with two CFA command vehicles.

Snr Const Gaw encouraged anyone with information to contact Warrnambool CIU on 5560 1333 or make an anonymous report to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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