Donna shoots ace

Camperdown golfer Donna Conheady scored a hole in one on the par three 17th hole at her home course this week.

Camperdown golfer Donna Conheady scored a hole in one on the par three 17th hole at her home course this week.

THERE was great excitement during the ladies competition at Camperdown Golf Club on Wednesday when Donna Conheady had a hole in one on the par three 17th hole.

Donna assumed that her drive, using her trusty five wood, had skipped through to the back of the green and was stunned when her playing partners showed her the ball was actually in the hole.

“I was playing with Maree Finlay and Doreen Horan and I just pulled out my five wood, which I usually use on that hole.

“I hit it and I knew I landed on the green and I felt that I had hit too big and it bounced once on the green and then it disappeared,” she said.

While Conheady was convinced the ball had rolled off the back of the green, Finlay and Horan were equally as sure it had landed in the cup.

“When it disappeared, I thought it’s gone off the back,” she said.

“I was sure I hit it too big and they’re still saying, ‘I reckon it’s in, I reckon it’s in’.

“They were the optimists and I was the pessimist; they were sure it was in but I was sure it wasn’t.”

When they got to the green, Conheady immediately headed to the back to search for her ball, such was her conviction it had gone over.

“They asked if I was even going to check if it was in there (the hole) and I said I was confident it had rolled off the back of the green,” Conheady said.

“So Maree decided to check and she gets to the hole and looks down in the cup and just started dancing.

“It was great, we were screaming and hugging.”

Donna, who has only been playing golf for two-and-a-half years felt honoured with the achievement.

“It was pretty exciting; I feel very lucky. People play golf for a long time without getting any.”

It is the first time in five years that a lady player has achieved golf’s ultimate goal, a hole in one, at Camperdown Golf Club.

The daily competition was bisque bogey, an event which allows players to decide on which holes to deduct their handicap points.

The aim is to maximise the number of holes won as opposed to those lost.

Players can employ a number of different scoring tactics, however it was experienced player, Phyllis Beasley (33) who was most successful on the day finishing with +6.

Donna Conheady (19) was runner-up on +3 in a count back from Maree Finlay (19) and Doreen Horan (24).

Maree Finlay was nearest the pin with her second shot to the par three 9th green, Gabby Gill was closest on the 15th and Doreen Horan won the Foodworks voucher with her second shot on the par four 16th hole.

Needless to say Donna Conheady was closest on the 17th.

Balls down the line were won by Phyllis Beasley and Donna Conheady.

Next week the ladies will play stableford, Jeanette Lambell is on duty.

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