The customers love it

Aussie Farmers Dairy accountant Lisa Hayes, marketing co-ordinator Amber McDonald and chief executive officer Peter Skene with founding member and shareholder Shane Hodskiss at Monday’s factory tour.

AFTER two weeks of producing milk for Aussie Farmers Direct, the product has been given a resounding thumbs up.
Aussie Farmers Dairy chief executive officer Peter Skene said feedback had been better than good.
“The customers love it,” he said.
“The most common comment we have is that our milk ‘tastes like it used to taste’.
“It’s great news and helps to spur us on.”
Mr Skene put down the great flavour to a supply of fresh, high quality milk fresh off the farm, dedicated factory staff ensuring processing was of a high standard and the absence of permeate.
About 60 franchisees and Aussie Farmers Direct employees toured the Camperdown factory on Monday.
“It’s been a busy start up phase with all the challenges you could expect, but we’re happy with the progress we’re making,” Mr Skene said.
“We’re reviving an old site – that means marrying new and second hand equipment together.
“There’s been a lot of hard work by a lot of good people to get to this stage.”
Aussie Farmers Direct is one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses and franchises, with about 200 franchisees now signed up.
Aussie Farmers Direct founding member and shareholder Shane Hodskiss said it was a proud moment to see the factory up and running again.
“It was disappointing to see a big site like this one not being used, especially in a regional town,” he said.
“The impact of a vacant factory is far reaching on the whole community.
“So it’s a great to see this factory up and running.
“It’s also good for this company to have an asset like this, particularly one that employs regional people.”
Mr Skene said Aussie Farmers Dairy was now looking forward to ramping up its operations.
“We’ve got through the teething stage and people like the product – it’s a good result.”

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